February 06, 2020 1398 بهمن 17 پنجشنبه T: (905) 889-2526 Salam Toronto Weekly 47 Credit: BOTTLED FEELINGS Hand-Lettered bottle by Doris Wai بطریهای پر از احساس Bottled feelings: Solo Exhibition by Doris Wai شریک کردن دیگران در افکار و اسرار خود معمولا مشکل است. دوریس وی هنرمندی است که به صورت آنلاین خلاصه ای از افکار و احساسات افرادی در سراسر نقاط جهان، به صورت ناشناس گرد می آورد و هر احساسی را جداگانه با خطاطی روی بطری جداگانه ای به ثبت می رساند. Doris Wai is a graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design in illustra- tion. She has worked extensively in the wedding and event industry, design/ branding/print work and has been featured on numerous magazines and on TV shows like Cityline and The Social. She became a published author in 2017 with her book Extraordinary Hand Lettering, and has started a YouTube channel called The Lettering Lifestyle. When : Friday February 7 to February 29, 2020 Monday Tuesday Wednesday gallery open NOON to 5 PM Thursday Friday Saturday gallery open NOON to 8 PM Closed Sundays and Holidays Where : Urban Gallery 400 Queen St E Cost : Free More Info : www.urbangallery.ca رایگان