January 09, 20 Salam Toronto Weekly English 79 There were dozens of Canadians among the 176 people who were killed when Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 crashed after takeoff near Tehran, Iran. Friends and family in Canada were left to consult a passenger list the airline released to learn if their loved ones were among the dead. Here is a look at some of the victims from Canada: Payman Parseyan, a member of the Iranian-Canadian community in Edmonton, said his friend Pedram Mousavi, an engineering professor at the University of Alberta, died along with his wife Mojgan Daneshmand and their daughters Daria Mousavi and Dorina Mousavi. “They had two young girls with them. I can’t imagine what was going through their mind,” said Parseyan. Hossein Saghlitooin, who did his PhD and post-doctorate studies under Mousavi, said he has known the family for about 6 years. “I was crying my eyes out,” he said. “It’s not just that I was working with them or that he was my boss. He was a friend. He was like a father to me.” Saghlitooin said it took him several hours to confirm the information before he told his colleagues one by one. “Both of them were amazing, sweet people. They were so kind, irreplaceable,” he said. Sina Ghaemi, an engineering professor at the University of Alberta, knew Mousavi for about six years. Their offices were next door to each other. “He was a really fun person and always laughing,” Ghaemi said. “He was a very happy person.” Ghaemi said Mousavi worked on antennas and had published many highly cited papers in the field. “He was very prolific.” Ghaemi said it was a sombre morning in the department. “Everyone is in shock. Things are quiet and people look sad. The whole faculty’s kind of in shock.” Pedram Mousavi, Mojgan Daneshmand, Daria Mousavi and Dorina Mousavi A look at some of the Canadians who died in Iran plane crash Ardalan Ebnoddin Hamidi, Niloofar Razzaghi and Hamyar Ebnoddin Hamidi The president of the Vancouver-based Civic Association of Iranian-Canadians, Kei Esmaeilpour, said a Vancouver family of 3 was killed in the crash. Esmaeilpour said Ardalan Ebnoddin Hamidi, an engineer, and Niloofar Razzaghi, who had just completed university training to become a teacher, lived in Vancouver with their 15-year-old son Hamyar Ebnoddin Hamidi. Esmaeilpour said the family was vacationing in Iran. He said he worked with Ebnoddin Hamidi and the two had served on the civic association together for at least a decade. Parisa Eghbalian and Reera Esmaeilion A dentistry in Aurora, Ontario, confirmed that Parisa Eghbalian, a dentist, and her daughter Reera Esmaeilion died. Eghbalian’s husband, Hamed Esmaeilion, is also a dentist at E&E Dentistry, but was not travelling with his wife and child. Eghbalian first immigrated to Canada in 2010 and lived with her husband and daughter in Richmond Hill, Ontario, said her biography on the dentist office’s website.