Salam Toronto Weekly English January 09, 20 78 Relatives said Fareed Arasteh, a PhD student in biology at Carleton University in Ottawa, was in Iran to marry his fiancée over the school holiday. Their wedding was just three days ago. Golnaz Shaverdi, cousin of Arasteh’s wife, said the family is devastated by news of his death, especially his new bride, Maral, who remains in Iran. “She’s devastated,” Shaverdi said. “He was such a nice guy. Everyone in the family really loved him. He was young and very kind. Everyone is, of course, devastated and they are also very worried for his wife, because she’s going through a very hard time now.” Shaverdi spent a weekend with Arasteh before he left Canada and helped him pick out his wedding outfit. “He was a very kind and very honest person. He was thinking about his fiancée, was glad that he was going to go and see her and that they were going to be married,” she said, breaking down into tears. “He talked about all their plans and their dreams about life. “He was young. It’s not fair that it happened to him.” A look at some of the Canadians who died in Iran plane crash Zahra Naghibi was a colleague of Jacqueline Stagner at the University of Windsor. Stagner said she was informed by the head of the lab where Naghibi worked that she was on the plane. “She was very helpful and warm,” Stagner said. Naghibi was a part of Windsor’s Turbulence and Energy Lab, where she worked on issues related to solar energy. Stagner said when one of her students - just starting graduate work and new to Canada - needed help, Naghibi stepped in. “Zahra was giving her advice, helping her out, letting her learn from her own work and what she’d discovered - helping her along, the next generation of researchers. She was very welcoming.” Zahra Naghibi Jude Uzonna, the Health Research Chair and an associate professor of immunology at the University of Manitoba, said he was devastated by the death of his friend and colleague Forough Khadem. He met her at a conference in Iran where she was a translator. At the end of the conference Uzonna told her if she ever wanted to do a doctoral program she could come to his lab in Winnipeg. She took him up on the offer and graduated about 3 years ago from the University of Manitoba. Khadem was a talented immunologist and an absolutely fantastic person to be around, Uzonna said. “If you walk into a room and Forough is there, you will try to find out who is this lady. She is very affable. She connects with people,” he said. “It’s devastating.” She went home to Iran in December to visit family. He texted her Monday to say he hoped that she was doing well. She responded that she was coming back to Winnipeg and hoped to see him soon. “Now she’s gone,” he said. Forough Khadem A Winnipeg family of 3 will be dearly missed, said their neighbour Behnam Soltani. Mohammad Sadeghi, who went by Mahdi; his wife Bahareh Hajesfandiari and their daughter Anisa Sadeghi were a kind family, Soltani said. “They were some of the nicest people I’ve met.” Soltani said the family was in Iran to visit relatives over the holidays and he knew they were coming back on the flight that crashed. The family were involved in the local Iranian community, Soltani said. Mahdi Sadeghi was a board member for the Iranian association and Hajesfandiari volunteered at a Persian school. Soltani was at their home about two weeks before they left. He never expected they wouldn’t return. “Everybody is in shock. It is so bad.” Mohammad Mahdi Sadeghi, Bahareh Hajesfandiari and Anisa Sadeghi The University of British Columbia (UBC) said the names of 2 former students, Zeynab Asadi Lari andMohammadhossein Asadi Lari, appeared on the flight manifest. The school’s president, Santa Ono, said in a statement that he was “profoundly saddened.” Zeynab Asadi Lari enrolled in 2016 in the bachelor of science program as a biology major, while Mohammadhossein Asadi Lari graduated in 2018 with a bachelor of science degree in cellular, anatomical and physiological sciences with honours standing, the statement said. “On behalf of the UBC community, I wish to express my deepest condolences to their family, friends and loved ones,” Ono said. He said the university will continue to ensure its Iranian students, faculty and staff have the support they need. Zeynab Asadi Lari and Mohammadhossein Asadi Lari Fareed Arasteh