Helping People in York Region Find Work

Ontario is seeking to negotiate key funding agreements with the federal government to ensure job-seekers in York Region have the training and support they need to build and strengthen their skills to find and keep jobs.
Employment Ontario’s employment service network is delivering strong results. With the help of community-based organizations across the province, and in York Region, 64 per cent of clients are finding work and an additional 15 per cent are going on to further education or training.

The federal government’s proposed Canada Job Grant would redirect funding aimed at helping these job-seekers, especially those in need of extra support, become job-ready. Ontario wants to work with the federal government to find a solution that meets the needs of the province’s diverse labour market and ensures that no one is left behind.

Although the Canada Jobs Grant could be a valuable tool, it cannot come at the expense of a long-term funding commitment from the federal government that would help Ontario continue to serve those most in need, including youth, immigrants, and Aboriginal people.



Helping people find and keep jobs is part of the new Ontario government’s plan to boost the economy, strengthen communities, and build a fair a prosperous
society for all.

People in York Region can get free help to find a job at the Employment Ontario office listed below.
The Ontario government is seeking to negotiate key funding agreements with the federal government in a way that works better for the province’s labour market needs.
Job search support is available year-round through Employment Ontario.

In 2012, Ontario invested $194 million in federal funding to help about 250,000 vulnerable workers, including Aboriginal people, youth, immigrants, those who have been out of work long-term, people with disabilities and social assistance recipients.

Employment Ontario helped more than 290,000 people find training and work in 2012, and also connected over 90,000 employers with qualified employees.

Source: Employment Ontario


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