Canada Day at Queen’s Park

THE CANADA DAY celebration at Queen’s Park is one of the highlights of the day when Ontarians, and all Canadians, show their national pride and community spirit. Every year thousands gather at Queen’s Park to celebrate the richness and cultural diversity of our province.

This year, Queen’s Park will be again at the heart of the Canada Day celebration in Toronto. The Ontario government has organized an exciting day featuring performances on three stages, rides, games and activities for children, and for the first time a farmers market featuring Ontario grown produce. Torontonians can make this Canada Day a perfect family day.

The highlight of our celebration will be the official ceremony featuring the Premier, the Lieutenant-Governor, and the Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.



Below is an overview of all the exciting activities we have planned and the great variety of performers we have lined up for this year’s event. The province’s official celebration of Canada Day will be held on Monday, July 1, 2013 on the front lawns of the Ontario Legislature.

The following roads will be closed from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Canada Day:

Queen’s Park Crescent East from College Street to Wellesley Street West
Queen’s Park Crescent West from College Street to Hoskin Avenue
Grosvenor Street from Queen’s Park Crescent East to Surrey Place
Wellesley Street West from Queen›s Park Crescent East to Queen›s Park Crescent West

For more information on Canada Day at Queen’s Park, visit

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