Iranian-Canadian charged and allegedly beaten

An Iranian-Canadian man says he was allegedly beaten before being charged by York Regional Police officers last week after his vehicle was pulled over inRichmond Hill. 

In a YouTube video conducted by Saeed Soltanpour, Kourosh Rabbani-Azad, 42, said he had dropped off some of his friends at their homes before being pulled over at roughly 3 a.m. on January 30.

“They kept asking me if I had been drinking alcohol that night,” Rabbani-Azad said in the video. “I said no.”


Rabbani-Azad claims that he feared for his safety and proceeded to call 911 when the officer confiscated his phone. He said an officer then slammed his head on the truck of his car before placing him on the ground. Rabbani-Azad admits several times in the video that he was in and out of consciousness during the episode.

“At that moment I felt a sharp pain here (he points to his right temple in the video) and lost consciousness,” claimed Rabbani-Azad.

After regaining his consciousness, Rabbani-Azad said he “noticed four or five officers” holding him down and beating him.

Mr. Rabbani-Azad was taken to the police station at171 Major Mackenzie Dr W.In the video, he said he was not aware of any charges but Salam Toronto has learned that he has, in fact, been charged. He was told to check into a hospital, get a lawyer and file a complaint by a Farsi speaking officer just before being released the same day.

York Regional Police Sergeant Gary Phillips told Salam Toronto that Rabbani-Azad has been charged but did not give any details of the case as “it is a matter of the courts.”

Rabbani-Azad is scheduled to appear in theNewmarketprovincial court (50 Eagle Street W, on the corner ofYonge St.andEagle St.) at 10:30 a.m. on Monday February 20.  


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