Former Iranian diplomat’s exit questioned

The spotlight on Iran’s embassy in Ottawa turned to a former employee that was removed from his post last spring for reasons unknown, reported the National Post last week. The departure of former “political attaché” Hassan Doutaghi from the embassy has raised the Post’s suspicion on his status amid concerns Iran is using the embassy to recruit and monitor Iranian-Canadians.

“[If he was recalled], the question is whether he was recalled simply at the initiative of the Iranian government or whether a quiet signal was sent by Foreign Affairs saying that if he wasn’t recalled, then his accreditation would be revoked and this would therefore create a diplomatic incident,” Michael Byers, University of British Columbia global politics and international law Research Chair told The Post.

The Post received the scoop of Doutaghi’s exit from an unnamed Iranian-Canadian source “who has knowledge of the embassy’s inner workings.” The source also said an embassy official told him “Foreign Affairs wanted Mr. Doutaghi out of the country” and that he returned to Iran “likely toward the end of April.”



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