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Salam Toronto Weekly English February 22, 2018 80 Canadian families finding small living creates closeness The remarkable leap in housing prices in Greater Vancouver - and many other parts of the country - has some families reassessing their need for space. Growing numbers of families are choosing to live in small condos in downtown spaces, rather than spend hours in commutes to and from more affordable properties. Adrian Cook and his five children live in a one- thousand-square-foot condo in downtown Vancouver and he says it means the family can easily walk to parks, shopping and other amenities. Cook admits it requires creativity to address everyone’s needs but he says children don’t need space - what they need is love and the opportunity to use their imaginations. The Canadian Press Canadian lumber producers buoyant about 2018 Canadian lumber producers are looking forward to a lucrative year, despite the addition of increased softwood duties on US-bound lumber. The CEO of Vancouver-based producer Conifex says his company’s per share earnings more than doubled last year, thanks to record revenues that were up 15 per cent. Kenneth Shields predicts demand for lumber in the United States could remain strong for as much as three years, and he says current high prices mean harvest reductions in BC will likely be deferred in 2018, while production speeds up. The number of housing starts in the US trampled expectations in January - with the trend expected to continue, and Shields says although lumber prices may remain volatile, he expects they will continue to climb upward Many American homes are built of Canadian softwood lumber. over the coming months. RBC Capital Markets says producers originally expected to absorb half the duties and pass the other half on to consumers, but decided to push all of it onto their customers. The Canadian Press